You are what you Wear

While the idea that achieving an ideal self-image is directly linked to confidence is not a new concept, it is one that is becoming paramount as younger generations join the workforce - both blue and white collar. In lay terms, you are what you wear.  

Per a recent study by the ELK Journal of Marketing and Retail Management, “If the image of an outfit were a positive match with the self-image, including both the actual self and the ideal self, the apparel item would be worn most of the time.” This study factors in more than just the color that makes your eyes pop. It takes into consideration size selection, quality, comfort, peer influence and fit. The number two reason for a garment selection is alignment to trends. But above all, brand.   

Research has proven that, especially in young professionals, there is a predominant self-image that is greatly influenced by peers of a similar profession but even more so by popular culture trends and the media. In that same study, a duo of investigators found that “There is a positive relationship between media influence and preferences towards foreign/domestic branded apparels. The more a person is exposed to the media, the stronger will be the influence of the media in “persuading” the individual to purchase the apparel.”

Companies, and more specifically, teams, can foster the notion of the "ideal self" nowadays more than ever. With millions of style, color, and fit options, the combinations are nearly infinite. Looking to inspire your team but also assign your brand identity to them? Look at their "ideal self" image-what they wear on days that they may be particularly confident or productive. then replicated it with custom branded apparel. 

Tim Doerfler