Photo Frames

A LIQUID Photo Frame is the perfect way to display a treasured memory. In our line of unique, personalized frames there are styles for every occasion. A LIQUID Frame is the perfect gift for engagement, wedding, anniversary, new baby, christening, bar and bat mitzvah, birthday and house warming. Frames feature a name, monogram, initial and a variety of adornments.

Substantial in both size and weight, each Frame is 10 inches by 12 inches with an opening for a 4 by 6 picture. They are solid castings and are manufactured in the U.S.A. All frame styles may be displayed table top or as a wall frame. Each of our creations are hand crafted by skilled artisans and are truly one of a kind.

We also love custom designs! We can create a beautiful and original LIQUID frame with your motif, message, quote, theme, logo...just call us. Use your imagination...the possibilities are endless!