Lustrous Metal Coatings, Inc. began operations in 1987 in Canton, Ohio. Founded by Mike Paxos, the business was focused on decorative, metal finishing. In 1989, the business changed direction to commercial metal finishing, servicing the automotive and telecommunications industries. The business continued to grow and Mike continued to invest in Research & Development on the decorative side. Eight years, one wife, two kids and one United States Patent later, the Lustrous Metal Coatings, Inc. Sports Division was born. The most incredible sports products were created that have turned the heads of such sports icons as the NFL, Major League Baseball, US Open Tennis, Riddell Sports, and NCAA Colleges nationwide.

Mike's wife Maria worked full-time at the business, then part-time after the children came along. In early 2004, she decided she wanted to use their patented technology, but on gift-oriented products. With photos all over their home and loving nothing more than seeing her kid's names splashed all over everything, it just made sense to create beautiful, high quality, personalized frames. The LIQUID Division of Lustrous Metal Coatings, Inc. became a reality six months later. The business has continued to grow with the addition of custom apparel screen printing and embroidery. Photo frames are now just a part of the unique, personalized gifts that are created by (and from) LIQUID.



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